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Stuart Suleyman

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White ( Sparkle )
Wet Wall Panels




2800×1000 Bathroom Wall Panel ( White Sparkle ) Highett or Ravenhall pickup

This product is:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Can be fitted over existing tiles!!!
  • Prices start from as little as $50sqm
  • Easy to install!! You can complete an entire room in a few hours!
  • Easy to clean as it does not require grouting & therefore not mould!
  • This product is very user friendly so it is very achievable for a DIY project at home.
  • Tongue and grove panels are engineered leaving an almost seamless join.
  • Such large sheets you will have no join to you ceiling!

Delivery can arranged

Please allow for 2 days of processing before pick up.

Highett(3190) or Ravenhall(3023) in store pick up.

To arrange a pick up, please call 423 332 176.

Other colours available in our range:

Concrete series

Concrete grey

Loft concrete Matt
Loft Concrete Matt wall panel

Beige Concrete Matt
Beige Concrete Matt wall panel

Beige Concrete Gloss
Beige Concrete Gloss wall panel

Light Grey Concrete
Light Concrete Grey wall panel

Stone series

Polished Stone
external corner for wall panels

Rocca Stone
external corner for wall panels

Marble seriesBlack Marble Gloss
black marble gloss panel

Calcutta Marble Gloss
Calcutta Marble Gloss panel

Permagon Marble Gloss
Permagon marble gloss panel

Smoked Sensa
Smoked Sensa panel

Urban Mechanic
Urban Mechanic panel

Sicilian Slate
Sicilian Slate wall panels

Grey Marble Gloss
Grey Marble Gloss wall panels

Carrera Marble
Carrera Marble wall panels

Calcatta Marble
Calcatta Marble wall panels

Granda Marble Matt
Granda Marble Matt wall panels

Permagon Marble
Permagon Marble wall panels

Polished Stone
Polished Stone wall panels

Rocca Stone
Rocca Stone wall panels

lava wall panels

Polar Slate
Polar Slate wall panel

Pastel Grey Matt
Pastel Grey Matt wall panel

Pastel Grey Gloss
Pastel Grey Gloss wall panel

Pearl White Gloss
Pearl White Gloss wall panel

Black marble
Black Marble Gloss wall panel

Soft Beige Matt
Soft Beige Matt wall panel

Strata Matt
Strata Matt wall panel

Travertine wall panel

White Marble Gloss
White Marble Gloss wall panel

Tile SeriesMulti Tile Grey
Multi Tile Grey wall panel

Multi Tile Beige
Multi Tile Beige wall panel

Multi Tile Black
Multi Tile Black wall panel

Geometric & wood seriesWhite linen
White Linen wall panel

Light Grey Wood
Light Grey Wood wall panel

Black Wood
Black Wood wall panel

Shimmer seriesWhite Shimmer Gloss
White Shimmer Gloss wall panel

Grey Shimmer Gloss
Grey Shimmer Gloss wall panel

SparkleGrey Sparkle
Grey Sparkle wall panel

White Galaxy
white sparkle wall panel

White Sparkle
white sparkle wall panel

Please explore our other listings to find yourself the perfect colour and finish.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

2800mm x 1000mm, 2800mm x 1200mm