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The Advantages of Bathroom Panels

Whether you are a lover of interior design, or you are too busy to clean your bathroom tiles regularly, a bathroom panel can provide the solution for you. Pronto panels specialise in all things bathroom panels. By using this expertise we have formulated a summary of the benefits that bathroom panels offer in comparison to tiles.

The Time Saving Benefits:

Time is a valuable resource that has become all the more sparse in this modern world. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life people are searching for any excess time they can get. Oftentimes the tedium of household chores and cleaning will take up an inordinate amount of time, which is why any time saved doing these tasks is invaluable. Rather than continuing to sacrifice more of your time attempting to rid your bathroom tiles of persistent stains, you can instead look forward to a quick and efficient cleaning process by installing a bathroom panel. Instead of scrubbing and using all kinds of potentially harmful chemicals, a bathroom panel simply requires a micro-fibre cloth, warm water, and a non-abrasive detergent to clean. This, in addition to its easy installation, will make even the most time poor people feel the difference in their daily life.

Grout and its Nasty Secret:

Hidden in plain sight, the grout used in regular bathroom tiles is highly porous and in turn soaks up a lot of dirty water when exposed to excessively wet environments, which is far from ideal in a bathroom setting. As a result of this grout often takes on a dark and grimy appearance that is nigh on impossible to clean, especially using home grade products. Instead of having to scrub to remove mould and other stains, bathroom panels allow you to simply wipe those away. With any tough to deal with stains common in the bathroom being largely prevented in the first place.

The Impracticality of Design:

Interior design as a concept has always presented the underlying issue of practicality, one that is oftentimes overlooked if not outrightly ignored. Sure a room may look spectacular, but if not given the proper thought or constructed using ill-fitting products then a space can go from elegant and sleek, to unserviceable and a massive headache for the occupants. The bathroom is one of the rooms most heavily associated with this issue, with many failing to account for the maintenance and general use issues born of persistent water usage.

In this regard the status quo of using bathroom tiles is challenged. With their rather outdated and cumbersome properties becoming more of an issue in the age of alternatives that we find ourselves in. Alternatives like that of the Bathroom Panel, whose seamless and stylish finish is equalled by its practicality in the cleaning and maintenance process. Even if one fails to account for the ease of installation and cleaning benefits, the bathroom wall panel is a more aesthetic alternative to the bathroom tile, quite simply because there are no grout lines interrupting the patterns or colours, enabling the designer all the more freedom. 

Quality Assured, Resistance Guaranteed:

Not only are panels easy to clean, they also require very little maintenance compared to the typical bathroom tile. Bathroom wall panels offer excellent mould and bacterial resistance not found in tile products. With no use of grout, the aforementioned issue of grime buildup is not a problem and saves the customer a significant amount of time. The construction of Pronto Panels using advanced materials means that quality is assured and its longevity as a positive factor in your life is a certainty.

The debate is settled:

To put it plainly, the outdated and overused bathroom tile has been outstripped by the competition in regard to cleanliness, hygiene, and overall aesthetic. Not only do panels offer a more convenient and functional alternative, they are also affordable and promise to be highly resistant and durable across a ten year warranty. Pronto Panels pride themselves on being the experts in this space and can help you through the process of selecting and installing your customisable wall panel today.


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